Coming Tomorrow: Interview with ShitOuttaLuck at Skateploitation III

ShitOuttaLuck, aka SxOxLx, hails from Houck, Arizona. This is a family punk and rockabilly band (Navajo) that knows how to live hard and rock even harder. 

RPM caught up with the rowdy punkabilly brothers at Apache Skateboards event Skateploitation III at Indian Market, which featured music, artists and skateboarding from Apache Skateboard crew.

The video interview with the four brothers Tuco (upright bass), Rattlesnake (washboard), The Human Fly (vox and lead guitar) and The Lazer (drums) will be up on RPM tomorrow!

Meanwhile, enjoy their song It Don’t Hurt to Sleep:

Shitouttaluck – “It Don’t Hurt to Sleep” by RPMfm