Deejay NDN on Cultural Appropriation

Ian Campeau aka Deejay NDN of A Tribe Called Red is addressing the appropriation of Indigenous culture in sports team names.

Cultural appropriation has been around since the first days of colonization for Indigenous people here on Turtle Island and beyond. From the Hollywood ‘Redsploitation’ era in movies to the concept of Indigenous mascots for sports teams to the recent trend of cultural appropriation in popular fashion today.

Nipissing First Nation member Ian Campeau aka Deejay NDN of the electronic music group A Tribe Called Red, has been standing up for the issue of appropriated sports team names in his hometown of Ottawa.

“There isn’t any other race based mascot, in any sport in America, it’s only Aboriginals…” – Ian Campeau aka Deejay NDN

The Nepean Redskins are a youth football team based in Ottawa that Ian is addressing in the form of petitions and a Facebook group campaign to have the name changed. Ian has also been in contact with the Ontario Human Rights Commission and has been appointed a lawyer for the case.

Stream Ian’s recent interview with CBC’s All In A Day here.

To join the campaign, check out the Facebook group Change the racist team nickname of the Nepean Redskins.

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