Is Derek Miller Hosting a New TV Show?

I came across this clip from Big Soul Productions – “the opener to the Guilt Free Zone featuring Derek Miller”. According to Derek’s Facebook page “the GFZ party took place at the Gladstone on May 31st in Toronto”, but my research for further information had left me empty handed.

Watching this, it looks like Derek Miller will be hosting a show with familiar faces from the Indigenous arts scene. Would it be a one-off special? Or could Derek have a series to call his own? When do we get to see it?

Gratefully, Indian Country Today got a hold of Derek and asked him those very questions.

The answer: “We’re not really sure what it is at the moment”.

Well. Apparently the antics may have been a little too risqué to consider for broadcast (oh my!). For now they are working on packaging it as a one-off, for television or perhaps webcast.  It sounds like the event was quite a party – Adam Beach made a guest appearance and in addition to performances by Digging Roots and Joey Stylez, Derek himself closed the night with a 2-hour set of his music.

The live performance footage would be fantastic to see, but until the project does find a home, enjoy watching this Mohawk’s downtown Toronto antics.