DJ Deano Late Night at VIMAF

On the late night Friday roster, November 11 for the 2011 Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival DJ Deano (Heiltsuk) will be playing original tunes accompanied by Csetkwe’s vocals and visuals by Bracken Hanuse Corlett.

After a full day of incredible Indigenous films, those in Vancity can stretch their legs while listening to the original womp womps of DJ Deano (Dean Hunt) from the Heiltsuk Nation. Usually preoccupied with a life dedicated to wood chips and the form lines of his ancestors, he is taking his earlier music projects out of storage for the momentous return of west coast film festivals.

He’s had a do-it-yourself process of sampling everything from vinyl he rummaged out of thrift stores to cheesy pop tunes, mixing a little bit from here with a little bit from there to create the beats he could hear in his head. He explains he started to see the ceiling coming with what he could accomplish until he finds the time to further his music training. “I decided to take a break to focus on my carving and painting work until I had the time to seriously take up an instrument.”  And his visual work has been flourishing because of it. “I started to realize that the way that made beats, cutting and pasting, was affecting my creative process with my other artwork. I would do the same thing when I made a box. Throw a lot at it and then get to a point and start editing back. ”

The Friday night show will give DJ Deano a chance to get back into his music. He will be playing a mix of his older tunes still fresh to most show-goers. Csetkwe will be adding some vocals to certain tracks and her partner Bracken Hanuse Corlette will be adding his and Deano’s visual art to the mix.

Check it out after the screening of The Other Side Of Hip-Hop: The Sixth Elementa film about the life of Ernie Paniccioli. With a performance by RPM’s own Ostwelve to top it all off.  Not to be missed!

Friday Nov 11 | 8:30pm – Late | W2 Media Cafe – 111 W Hastings | $10
VIMAF 2011 The Other Side of Hip-Hop w/ Late Evening Music Program

w/ RPM.fm Presents: Indigenous Music Culture Visions Music Video Program

Check out the full Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival program here. 

DOWNLOAD: DJ Deano – “Alligator Tears”
DJ Deano – “Alligator Tears” by RPMfm

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  1. Bracken

    haha nice!
    I like the photo with the disc man….that must be circa 2001 LOL.

    Just wanted to say Deano and Csetkwe killed it that night and there are plans in store for some future shows…..this New Years back at the W2!!!?