#FrybreadFriday: Kekuli Cafe

“Don’t panic, we have bannock” is the motto of Kekuli Cafe in Westbank BC where you can get bannock for every meal, from bannock breakfast to bannock pizza. 

In the heart of the Okanagan this Aboriginal owned cafe also serves up buffalo stew, three sisters soup and surely the only saskatoon berry smoothie on the market.

Who can say ROAD TRIP! I’ll give them a call and make a REZervation.

Get the shirt while you’re there.

505-3041 Louie Drive,
Westbank, BC


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  1. Sharon

    Thank you for posting this, The Indian Taco is a Delish Dish and you can have beef or the Shredded Chicken Chili! 🙂

    Don’t Panic…Kekuli has bannock”!!