#FrybreadFriday: The Most Fried Bread of 2011

It’s been a delight to bring you #FrybreadFriday every week since RPM launched in June, and here on the last Friday of the year, I’m looking back on all the frybread ground we’ve covered – in music, film, dance and of course the kitchen.

Some of my favourites have been the frybread riot scene from Smoke Signals, the interpretive dance of frybread, the photo set of frybread stands that got mention in The Art of the Rural, and the trailer for the much anticipated mocumentary More Than Frybread.

But above all, and winner of my one-time only Most Fried Bread award, is Helen Roy making Zaasakokwaan. Her laugh, her singing in the kitchen, her making the dough by feel, all embody the heart and warmth of frybread Friday at its best.

Here she is, in an encore performance:

And with that, happy New Year frybread makers!

p.s. Zaasakokwaan: Ojibwe for frybread.