Jerry Sereda Chats with CBC Music

Jerry Sereda is a Métis country-rock artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who is aiming to shoot his next video with the help of his devoted fans. CBC Music got the inside scoop.

Jerry Sereda released his second full-length album last fall and has been enjoying success on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown charts and Canadian Country Music charts since. He attributes part of his success to his community in Winnipeg and in is inviting his hometown fans to be part of his next music video.

From music.cbc.ca, Jerry Sereda gives back to his fans with latest video shoot:

Q: What song from your latest album Turn the Country On will you turn into a music video?
A: I don’t want to give away the name of the song just yet. I like to keep it a bit of a surprise for the people who decide to come out, and take part in the video, and enjoy the show…

Q: Why is it important to have your fans come out and be a part of the video?
A: We’d love to have a lot of familiar faces out to the video shoot, and a lot of new ones to create the proper party atmosphere, and to have the proper energy in the room. Plus we’re hoping to have this video on CMT, and we’d like to brag a little to the rest of the country and show off the energy and beauty of the great people of Manitoba.

We look forward to seeing it!

Read the full article by Kim Ziervogel here: music.cbc.ca/#/blogs/2012/3/Jerry-Sereda-gives-back-to-his-fans-with-latest-video-shoot.