Kinnie Starr Dreams Bigger

Kinnie Starr has never shied away from honest conversations about tough subjects. A passionate and articulate artist and writer, her music often speaks to the issues she cares about. Today, a new video for “Dream Bigger” continues the conversation.

“I dream bigger. I dream our grand kids will have clean water” said Kinnie Starr, adding in a recent interview with !earshot “I use rap forms and folk forms to try and communicate what I’m interested in, which is primarily the health and well being of people, and that spills out into the health and well being of the environment we occupy. Water comes to the forefront pretty quickly in the conversation.”

Sharing this brand new video – produced by her long time collaborator Hannah C, for the track that appears on Aporia Record’s release of “Kiss It” – Kinnie posted on Facebook “I love my job, in terms of making creative product that speaks to a bigger picture than simple self promotion. Check it, and share the video if you believe we can manifest a healthier planet.”

So listen up, share it and dream bigger:

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