Kinnie Starr Speaks About Aboriginal Women and Hip-Hop at Manifesto Festival 2011

Rabble.ca’s The F Word caught up with genre-busting Mohawk artist Kinnie Starr backstage at the 2011 Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture.

Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit, grasroots organization working to unite and celebrate Toronto’s diverse arts community. This year they presented a showcase of six Ontario-based Indigenous artists, including Kinnie, in Origins: The Firekeepers. Kinnie is always one to engage in provocative, honest and intelligent conversation and this interview with The F Word‘s Ellie Gordon-Moershel, about Kinnie’s position in today’s hip-hop culture and her participation in Manifesto’s Indigenous showcase, is a worthwhile listen.

Stream it from Rabble.ca: “Manifesto Festival repping for women and aboriginal people involved in the hip-hop scene” [mp3]