L.A. Skins Music Festival: July 15th, 2011

The 2011 L.A. Skins Music Fest hits the City of Lost Angeles this weekend bringing Indigenous music talent to the world-renowned Autry Center, July 15th, 2011.

Los Angeles, California holds the largest urban population of Indigenous Native Americans in the United States. With over 250,000 Natives in the city, you can be sure the talent pool of musicians holds some true stage power within it.

On July 15th, the 2011 L.A. Skins Music Fest will bring to the Autry Center an amazing collective of Indigenous music talent. This is the fifth year that the L.A. Skins Fest has showcased Indigenous music to the people of Los Angeles.

The show includes acts such as Ainjel Emme, a pop, folk and soul singer, RedCloud a widely renowned Huichol rap artist known for his deadly freestyle skills and his Cree DJ Crystle Lightning, Dey & Nite the identical twin Spanish-Arapaho R&B duo from New Mexico, and Quese IMC the East L.A. underground legend from Pawnee/Seminole heritage out of Oklahoma.

The 2011 L.A. Skins Fest will be an amazing venue for Indigenous artists to showcase their talents and has also received recognition and support from large entities such as SONY and the American Composers Forum and is sponsored by CBS, NBC/Universal and Paramount Pictures.

The L.A. Skins Music Fest starts at 7pm on July 15th at the Autry Center in Los Angeles, California.

This will be a great show, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area be sure to check it out!

For more information, check out the L.A. Skins Music Fest website.

Also check out this great promotional video for the festival.


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