Nake Nula Waun on Aboriginal Sounds Radio

Rosebud Sioux musicians Nake Nula Waun were recently interviewed and featured as Artist of the Month on Aboriginal Sounds, a radio program of Rockwired.com.

Multi-NAMMY nominated Nake Nula Waun have been making a big noise in the last couple of years from their home community of Rosebud in Sioux territory, South Dakota. This month they were featured as Artist of the Month on Aboriginal Sounds, a radio program hosted by Brian Lush of Rockwired.com.

This radio program includes an interview with Nake Nula Waun band member Frank Waln, where he speaks about the creation of their new album, The Definition, their fan’s reaction to the album and future plans for the band.

To top it all off, Nake Nula Waun is the first hip-hop act to be featured as Artist of the Month on Rockwired.com. A great honour for the group and for Indigenous hip-hop alike.

To listen to audio of the radio show check out “Aboriginal Sounds” on Rockwired.


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  1. i love listen to Nake Nula Waun when i heard thinking about you always i just fell in love with the song i knew they can get better and move forward to something they dont expect but its something really big!!!!!