#PowwowWednesday: Close-Ups of Paul First Nation Powwow

Photographers Bert Crowfoot and Perry Mah took a long lens to the Paul First Nation Powwow to capture the spirit of the dancers, up close and personal. 

We’ve shared Bert’s beautiful photography before. For the Paul First Nation Powwow, he was joined by Perry Mah, their sons and two friends – all photographers – and he wrote about the experience on facebook:

Perry Mah is my brother and we have known each other for over 30 years. He is a photographer for the Edmonton Sun daily newspaper and has been my mentor, constantly pushing me to be better and to try new techniques…

I titled this album “Thru the lens of Perry Mah” but in reality it was really my lens and his awesome eye and camera. (His son Cameron was using his 300 f/2.8 so he borrowed mine.) All three of his boys are photographers and it was quite the sight seeing the eight of us at Paul Band with our cameras.

The mental picture of a band of photograpers is delightful! Here are a few of the moments Perry captured.



See the whole set on facebook.

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  1. Yvonne Rain

    Beautiful Pictures.