#PowwowWednesday: Northern Cree

Their 37 albums in almost 30 years have garnered them multiple Grammy, Juno, Nammy and CAMA nominations and wins, but it’s at the powwow where Northern Cree are a legendary force.

Founded in 1982 by brothers Steve, Randy and Earl Wood, the group originates from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, but these days includes members from Frog Lake, Onion Lake, Samson, Louis Bull and the Poundmaker Cree Nations.

Strong role models, the group live by Steve’s words ““If you believe in yourself, who you are, where you come from, your culture and more importantly your language, it will take you to places you have never even dreamed of.” It’s brought them great respect and success over the years and it’s imposible to imagine the powwow trail without them travelling it.

So we’re celebrating this #powwowwednesday with a Nothern Cree playlist! Enjoy: