Rebel Music: Listen to the Revolutionary Sounds of Native America

Rebel Music premieres with Native America, a high profile showcase of Indigenous musicians and artists making waves in the music scene and change in their communities.

To celebrate and showcase the artists featured in the “Native America” episode, which premiered November 13th on Rebel Music’s Facebook and MTV World, we’ve put together a playlist that includes all of the artists featured in the episode—Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Naát’áaníí Means, and Mike Cliff (aka WITKO), plus a few additional highlights from our roster of amazing Indigenous artists.

The Indigenous music renaissance is here. The revolution is just getting started.

Listen to #RebelMusic: The Revolutionary Sounds of Native America

Here’s the full track listing for #RebelMusic: The Revolutionary Sounds of Native America.

  1. Nataani Means – “0 to 100 (Remix)”
  2. Frank Waln – “AbOriginal”
  3. Tall Paul and $kywalker – “Dual Self”
  4. Wahwahtay Benais – “Caught in the Struggle”
  5. Supaman – “Prayer Loop Song”
  6. A Tribe Called Red – “Electric Pow Wow Drum”
  7. Inez Jasper – “Dancin On the Run (Boogey the Beat Remix)”
  8. Scatter Their Own – “Earth and Sky”
  9. Lord Witko – “Robbery”
  10. Wake Self & DJ Young Native – “Brand New”
  11. Frank Waln – “Born on the Rez”
  12. Redskin – “So You A”
  13. Stryk 9 – “Rize (My People) ft. Mista Chief & 28 tha Native”
  14. Inez Jasper – “The Takeover (ft Jon-C)”
  15. A Tribe Called Red – “The Road”
  16. Shub – “No Delayin”
  17. Inez Jasper – “Make You Mine (A Tribe Called Red Remix)”

Season 2 of Rebel Music premieres with “Native America” via Facebook on Thursday, November 13 At 4:00 PM ET/ 1:00 PM PT followed by additional airings across Viacom Networks mtvU, MTV2, and Centric. Following the episode, additional digital and educational content will be available online at rebelmusic.com.