Rockwired Radio Music Award Winners 2012

In this digital age, it makes sense that the latest music awards on the scene were announced in a podcast and spread across the Twitterverse. Rockwired.com – the online radio station out of Albequerque, New Mexico – broadcast the winners of their 2012 Radio Music Award Winners earlier this week, and a few our our favourite Indigenous artists were among the winners.

The announcement of winners came at the end of a five-week polling campaign that closed on Friday March 9th. This year, the winners have been awarded the “G-Chord” award – a symbol of artistic excellence, sheer industriousness and a spirit of independence.

“These awards do more than reward artists for making great music,” says Rockwired founder Brian Lush (Yankton Sioux). “These awards also acknowledge the fact that these artists have navigated the rough waters of the music industry and have managed to maintain their musical vision despite a lack of major record label support. It is all about celebrating the music maker and all of the artistry and the business smarts that it takes to remain a music maker.”

Three Indigenous artists were among the winners – Mohawk blues rocker Derek Miller garnered both Best Male Artist and Best Recording by an American Indian Recording Artist, Lumbee singer-songwriter Jana Mashonee won Best Female Artist and Nake Nula Waun was honoured with Best Band.

Listeners were tuned into the podcast and word of the winners spread across Twitter:



The Best Recording by an American Indian Recording Artist was one of two new categories this year, along with Best Jazz Recording. Lush aknowledged that the Grammy®’s recent decision to do away with its Native American Music category was a factor in instituting a category for this year. “It’s a slap in the face to ignore the musical achievements of Indian people. There are a lot of great Native artists out there and they deserve recognition.”

In addition to the G-Chord Certificate, winners of the 2012 Rockwired Radio Music Awards are free to advertise any new mp3s. LPs, EPs, or upcoming tours at absolutely no charge up until the next award season.

For a full list of winners, visit rockwired.com/2012winners.html and congrats to all!