VIDEO: Bonnie Couchie – “Niin dia maade – I am here” ft. Binaeshee-Quae

In October of this year, the small community of Pic River lost four members in a tragic accident. Pic River resident Bonnie Couchie wrote this beautiful and stirring song for those four and her community.

The video also features Bonnie’s daughter Binaeshee-Quae. Of the song’s creation Bonnie wrote “in the week following the accident I sat by one of the sacred fires and wrote a song that I found some comfort in. This song is about the many ways that these young men were here for us as family and friends. It is also about all the ways that they as spirits, and we as physical beings continue to be here for one another in good times and in bad. The phrase “Niin dia maade” was taught to Binaeshee by her late grandpa Lambert Nabigon” and it means I am here.

Watch “Niin dia maade – I am here” by Bonnie Couchie: