VIDEO: Drezus – “Red Winter”

Drezus‘s new video Red Winter has been quickly racking up views on YouTube since he dropped it on January 11th.

After releasing the new song on December 25th, Drezus began fundraising for an official video and remarkably pulled together the funds and resources to produce and release it less than three weeks later.

Drezus’s words for the #IdleNoMore movement are passionate, articulate, and powerful (after watching the video read the lyrics below) and his own dedication and embodiment of the message is palpable. “I’ve invested… my heart and my drive to represent my people for once in my life. This Red Winter song is special to me… it’s for us by us” the Winnipeg-based artist wrote on Facebook.

With director Cowboy Smithx, produced by Drezus Music, Eccentricus Imagery and 4K Film Production, and a long list of crew and community that made it happen, the video dropped on January 11th, the global day of action. The views have been stacking up since, the word has been spreading. Watch, listen and share Red Winter, by Drezus:

Red Winter: Lyrics

Verse 1

My skins red, I bleed red, I’m seeing red/
I’m praying for my people out there who haven’t seen it yet/
His blood is cold, tellin lies forever told/
By his ancestors 500 years ago/
Yeah I said it, got my people getting restless/
Making money off our land and we aint even on the guestlist/
Carry on traditions of a racist ass pilgrim/
And I know you really love it when my people play the victim/
‘Cause it makes it seem like we’re folding under pressure/
But we’re up to bat now no more playing catcher/
‘Cause we see the bigger the picture that we have to capture/
See how quick we get together? We out to get ya!

Chorus 1

You can lock us in jail and throw away the key
Take away my rights but you ain’t stopping me
‘Cause I been quiet for too long its time to speak
We got to stand for something to keep us free!
I’m Idle no more
I’m Idle no more
I’m Idle no more
Yeah I’m Idle no more!

Verse 2

I’m getting aggravated, my people saying chill/
I feel my heart breaking, but i don’t need your pills/
I need my people strong, with hearts of many men/
He letting women die outside of the parliament?!/
Opposition’s only siding for their benefit/
The only ones we really got is us and it’s so evident/
Before you take a stand! Remember to get educated/
Once you understand the message go and share it with your neighbors/
Basically, We’re getting taken hostage for our land/
‘Til they sell it out for profit now they got the upper hand/
But! Trust me we can stop it I’m thanking the four sisters/
Dear Mr Harper we all coming to get ya!/
And we won’t stop for nothing we’re bringing all of our cousins/
And we’re getting educated so the fighting ain’t for nothing/
Stand up! for your people our time for power is coming/
I’m a full blooded native believe me I’m proud of it!/

Chorus 2

(speech by aaron paquette)

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