VIDEO: Filthy Animals – “Killing Me”

The undead walk amongst us in the streets of Winnipeg in this 10 minute video release from the Filthy Animals for their unreleased single Killing Me.

Taking a page from the George Romero zombie film era, the Filthy Animals out of Winnipeg bring to the summer time a new single called Killing Me accompanied by a video based on the old zombie movies.

The Filthy Animals consists of three members Broms, P-Nutty formerly of Dead Indians and Deep Cave Records founder Big Bear. Together they have formed a gritty, deadly and awesome trio and have used their cunning talent to create this edgy and macabre video using a movie-like format, creating for us dope bit of entertaining and very great film making directed by Ryan Cheale. Also included is a cameo by Winnipeg’s own Jon-C.



    this is fucking amazing!! so refreshing to see a video like this!!

  2. laurie

    un fricken believable you guys have out done yourself’s awesome awesome awesome sorry it to so long to watch