VIDEO: Nathan Cunningham – “Saturday Night Angel”

Sucker Creek First Nation new country artist, Nathan Cunningham, releases his first video Saturday Night Angel.

Born in Prince George, BC and raised on the Sucker Creek First Nation near High Prairie, AB, country music has always been a part of the life of Nathan Cunningham. Now a regular on CFWE-FM radio in Northern Alberta, Nathan has taken the necessary steps moving into the next level of his professional musical journey.

Working with Octavo Productions and Big Boy Music based out of Edmonton, he has just released his first video for his song Saturday Night Angel. Produced by Kris Rurka and directed by Dean Davies, it follows the formula for a hit country video telling a love story between a husband and wife through sleek photography and high production value. It bodes well for Nathan that this is just his first video. We look forward to what he’ll come up with next.

Keep tabs on Nathan Cunningham at radio3.cbc.ca.

1 Comment

  1. Don Cunningham

    Excellent video, more importantly the delivery of the vocals, EXCELLENT!!!
    When we played it in Wabasca this summer, we played it way too fast and too top heavy on the guitar and drums.
    This version is a lot better, i feel it’s just the right speed. The girl in the video is sure good looking!! not to say you’re not, just say she’s better looking than either of us!!
    Definitely recommend this song to anybody.

    Good job!!