VIDEO: Quese IMC – “I Resist”

New video I Resist from Quese IMC (Pawnee and Seminole) features Casper and the beautiful brown faces of Indigenous youth from communities across Turtle Island.

I Resist is a song off Quese IMC‘s latest album Handdrums for Whiskey Bottles. The video follows Quese on a two and a half week trip through many communities working with youth, reservations and schools. Check out the video for I Resist here, and hey why not sing along:

we’re young warriors, path we roamed,
this ain’t hollywood yo, this is our home,
were light, were different, we fight and resistant,
walk the red road thats why we stay gifted,
young warriors happy and alive,
we made it this far cause our grandmas survived,
indigenous pride as we ball up our fists,
500 years cause we say “i resist”

verse 1:
easy hell naw, its been a long road
but its quite alright cause we been foretold
that were modern day warriors in modern day time
where people have aligned and were seeing all the signs
see it in the sun and we see it in the skies
here it in the people and we see it in their eyes
the people are fed up cause they haven’t been fed
and were hungry for the knowledge cause we’ve been misled
misled by the media, misled by the news
update, update they want you to stay tuned
propaganda on the screens but the mental breakthroughs
will curb the mind control that keeps you satisfied and glued
to your couch and the screen that keeps you fat and amused
my people wake up, wake up we can’t lose
we’ve paid mad dues so now we must gather
young warriors and what we do matters…. HOOK

verse 2:
yo the world is changing and the stars are bending
shifting, and the mayan calendar is ending
not the end of time but the end of a cycle
so the cleansing of mother earth can take her rightful
place and position, and positions that we play and listen
to creation, to mobilize a nation
overthrow the system, organize and take them
to a place where they can believe and envision
we are the movement, ones and focus
even though sometimes it feels hopeless
we will stand with our drums at the protest
and watch the whole world take notice
even though there are people who would sling dirt
and not see the heart of how we work
we will do our best even if we hurt
and wear the revolution like a t-shirt, come on…. HOOK