VIDEO: Robbie Robertson Talks Basement Tapes

Six Nations music legend Robbie Robertson shares stories about making The Basement Tapes with his group The Band and folk artist Bob Dylan.

In 1967, Robbie Robertson was performing with The Band, a rock group that made waves in the recording industry and even performed at the legendary Woodstock festival. The Band went on to record tracks with prolific folk artist, Bob Dylan, which became known as The Basement Tapes.

In this interview, Robbie Robertson speaks candidly about the creation of The Basement Tapes and how it became one of the most revered collection of songs in the world of rock music, even as a bootleg, before its official release in 1975.

Robbie also talks about the groundbreaking method of recording rock music in a basement studio at a time when music was only recorded in large scale studios owned by record labels. Pretty much anyone with a laptop and a microphone today owes a big thank-you to this movement of DIY basement recording that had forged a path for a new era of home studio music production.

Props go out to Mr. Robertson, Mr. Dylan and The Band for this important step in musical evolution!

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