VIDEO: Russell Wallace – “Indian Head”

Lil’wat Nation composer Russell Wallace shares a new video for his track Indian Head which was composed in 1992 – the 500 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus.

Russell Wallace has been a composer and traditional performer on the west coast of Turtle Island for a couple of decades. He continues to release material from his early catalogue – which both was before its time and has stood the test of time. Recently he released a brand new video for his song entitled Indian Head.

I asked him what his inspirations for the music and video were, he replied:

“It was written around the time of the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ ‘discovery’. At that time there was a lot of house and acid house music with the sound of the whistle so I thought of the eagle whistle and thought it would be cool to have a techno song with that in it as well as singers. I liked the idea of gated sounds and thought that our voices have been cut out of history many times. For the video, I thought about the images of ‘Indians’ and most of them are are men and they usually are just heads which says a lot about what American history thinks about us….a bounty on our heads…..Indian heads…..my head.”

Watch “Indian Head” by Russell Wallace here:

Check out more of Russell Wallace and his work in the RPM Podcast #004: “New Traditional”.

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  1. Marc Kaiser

    I am a non-native string player (cellist) interested in the string quartet who wishes to work with a native composer around issues of reconciliation.If you have composed a string quartet or would like to write one and have it performed please contact me.