VIDEO: Shy-Anne Hovorka In Nashville

Here’s some exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Shy-Anne Hovorka in Nashville for the making of her new song The Glue.

Shy-Anne Hovorka took a trip to Nashville to record songs for her new album Inter-tangled Roots which will be released in 2012. Writing songs with Jerry Vandiver, who writes for huge names like Tim McGraw, and recording in the County Q studios, Shy-Anne is sure to come home with some amazing music.

She has also compiled a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the recording of one of her new songs called The Glue. Here we get a sneak peek of the song and a glimpse into the recording process at the County Q studio facility.

Watch Shy-Anne’s video here:

The studio musicians are:

Drums/ band leader: Paul Scholten
Bass: Spady Brannon
Acoustic guitar: Pat McGrath
Violin/mandolin: Wanda Vick
Piano: Gordon Mote
Electric guitar: JT Corenflos
Back up Vocals: Tim Buppert
Tracking Engineer: PT Houston
Vocal Engineer: Craig Headen
Mixing Engineer: Mike Purcell