VIDEO: The Medics – “Griffin”

The Medics have released a new single from their upcoming debut album Foundations. Watch Griffin here.

The music of Australian indie-rockers The Medics is passionate to be sure. There’s frequently a palpalbe intensity and sense of urgency, particularly in this song, that is stirring.

Directed by Lucas Thayer and beautifully shot, the video propels that intensity further, illustrating the lyrics “he’s just a boy, just an adolescent child, feed him to the monsters” with teenage delinquency, fear, anger and struggle.

In the YouTube notes, the band included:

The Medics acknowledge the many prisoners and their families with connections to the location – Boggo Road Jail, Brisbane, Australia.

The new album, Foundations, will be released May 18, 2012.

Watch The Medics – Griffin: