Willie Lowery’s Plant and See Album to be Reissued

Lumbee musician, songwriter, mentor and visual artist Willie Lowery passed away two months ago after a career of over four decades in art, music and community involvement. The psychedelic swamp rock, eponymous LP from his 1969 band Plant and See, is now set for reissue by Paradise of Bachelors.

From Indian Country Today Lumbee Rocker Willie French Lowery’s 1969 Psychedelic Album to Be Reissued:

…some music experts consider [Plants and See] a lost (or at least hard-to-find) classic of psychedelic swamp-rock. On July 3, Carrboro, NC-based record label Paradise of Bachelors will give the album its first proper re-issue, on vinyl, in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Plant and See dissolved soon after the album came out, then largely reformed as Lumbee, which also put out just one album, Overdose.

Interviewed for an article in Indyweek.com written soon after Lowery’s death, Brendan Greaves of Paradise of Bachelors offered his thoughts. “What’s really fascinating about him,” said Greaves, “is that he put out these two LPs that are classic to the canon of psychedelic music, if little known beyond that, but then turned his career into a vehicle for articulating American Indian identity and politics.”

The band Lumbee also was short-lived as Lowery’s muse took him in varied directions. Lowery published over 500 songs that have been recorded by acts as diverse as gospel, country and R&B artists.

Paradise of Bachelors has not only reissued Plant and See but has plans to release more of Lowery’s catalogue, including recordings from Lumbee, his later solo work and previoulsy unreleased recordings.

So if you weren’t tuned into the work of Willie Lowery before now, there will be opportunity to delve into more! You can order Plant and See here, and stream the track  below. Dig it.

STREAM: Plant and See – “Put Out My Fire”

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