Windspeaker Talks with Brendt Thomas Diabo

Brendt Thomas Diabo is a country/rock/folk artist from the Mohawk Nation in Kahnawake, Quebec. Diabo talked with Windspeaker recently about battling stage fright, recording his new EP, and what next to expect from the talented young artist.

From Windspeaker’s article Mohawk musician making it on his own by Lauren McComber:

Right from the start, Brendt Thomas Diabo doubted his pursuit of a solo music career. It was April 2011, and he had just started recording songs for his solo music project called Thomas Doubting.

It wasn’t that he lacked the musical talent – he has plenty – or that he suffers from stage fright. It’s just that, as Diabo puts it, it is simply in his nature to doubt. Hence the name, Thomas Doubting.

“It was sort of an experiment for me. I was mainly just testing the waters to see if I could do this,” confessed Diabo, a 21- year-old musician from the Mohawk Nation of Kahnawake.

With his tentative first steps into the Indie music scene of Montreal, Diabo promised himself that if he didn’t reach a certain goal by the age of 22 (to tour outside of Montreal), he would just “stop the whole pursuit and grow up.”

Personally, I would say that 22 is far too young to give up on a professional and creative pursuit, not to mention to “grow up”, but setting goals is surely a great way to move forward and happily it’s working well for Diabo:

With his 22nd birthday just two months away, Diabo doesn’t see himself giving up anytime soon. He is recording his second EP – which has already yielded a bluesy number called Ride – and has some potential gigs in the works opening up for a well known Aboriginal musician.

“Where I wanted to be last year is now where I’m at this year,” said Diabo. “It’s taken a lot of time, money, and dedication to get the ball rolling, but with my new EP being recorded I have a lot more confidence in myself and my music. I’d like to see how far I could take this one.”

So would we! Keep it up Thomas Doubting, we look forward to more!

Read the whole interview for more with Diabo, about watching Elvis movies, listening to Led Zepplin and following his own advice, here: ammsa.com/publications/windspeaker/mohawk-musician-making-it-his-own.

Watch his cover of Midnight at the Movies below to get you started, then be sure to download his free  EP Haunted for free at mediafire.com/?jhp7sjl83vi2763.