RPM Podcast #008: “Singer-Songwriters”

In our eighth episode, the great oral tradition of our Indigenous cultures thrives in 21st century song.

Here on the west coast, our traditional songs are like a cry, a prayer, or a declaration of intent. In our modern songs, storytelling also plays an important part in the expression of Indigenous people.

Ostwelve talks with three singer-songwriters about their personal journeys and what they share through song.

Cree artist Eden Fineday recalls when she learned it’s in her blood – that her desire to write music comes from a long line of storytellers in her clan. Cree singer-songwriter and sideman Jason Burnstick describes the surge of energy he feels when connecting through music, and Mohawk/Cree musician Kait Angus who, after growing up not seeing Indigenous role models in music, talks about becoming an artist that young girls in Native communities could look up to.

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The RPM podcast is produced & engineered by the amazing Paolo Pietropaolo.

Photo illustration created by the talented Joi Arcand.

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