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Willie Lowery’s Plant and See Album to be Reissued

Lumbee musician, songwriter, mentor and visual artist Willie Lowery passed away two months ago after a career of over four decades in art, music and community involvement. The psychedelic swamp rock, eponymous LP from his 1969 band Plant and See, is now set for reissue by Paradise of Bachelors. …read more »

The Indigenous Artists of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Guitarists of All Time

Among the greatest of guitar legends in the history of Rock N’ Roll – according to the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine – are a number who are of Indigenous ancestry. …read more »

Music Mentor: Jana Mashonee, Lumbee Musician

Lumbee singer-songwriter Jana Mashonee uses her musical talent as a springboard for her non-profit organization, Jana’s Kids, and this year she was recognized as the “2011 Woman of the Year” by yearofthewoman2011.com. …read more »